Freitag, 29. Januar 2016

Acting Like A Boy - My Imperfection Is A Part Of Me

Since I was born, most of the people thought that I was a boy. I don't know why, maybe I'm to straightforward or maybe it's the way I act sometimes. No matter what happens, most of them shake their head when I'm trying to explain my opinion.
I mean, I love to be a woman, even when difficulties exist - we would try to solve the problem and are successful with it. Being a woman it not easy, we have to take care of our money, for foods and also for the beautiful things that we can get with money, like clothes, shoes and make up. We also have to decide what to wear and also have to take care of our body, like shaving our legs and to work out, to get fit. I enjoy being a woman everyday, even if it's really hard, I still LOVE it. To be truthful, I have to admit that I'm a little bit jealous of 'Bro-ships' because they are sincere to each other, they don't have secrets and don't go around bad mouthing about you, they also don't complain as much as woman do.

I grew up in an Asian household. For all the Asians out of the world, you guys know -well, most of you guys- how hard it can be sometimes, to have Asian parents. They have their tradition, they even give you a lot of pressure into your work and your study life, they also want to decide what you should do in your future, like being a doctor or a lawyer, a job where you earn a lot of money.
I mean, I appreciate it, because our parents just trying to take care of us and want us to have a great job and future. But dear parents, please also do understand that we're not a marionette, we have our own will and also our own dream job and our dream future.

Since I was 8 years old, I was not the usual 'Asian' girl that everybody knew. I mean since I was young I was thick headed, I'm straightforward and tell everybody my opinion. I have also some temperament when something annoys me. Even when I'm thick headed, inside of me I tried to satisfy my parents... even when I'm the past I wanted my parents to be proud of me, I tried hard to be a typical 'normal' woman they had in mind, like learning to cook, shut my mouth and so on. But it was hard, and after a long time I realized that it wasn't me, it was someone that my parents and even uncle and aunts want me to be, but this wasn't me.
I don't care about how I am, I mean I'm sometimes shy, I'm clumsy, sometimes slow and also sometimes lazy but I'm also kindhearted, straightforward and try my best to be a great daughter, instead of trying to be the perfect daughter.
To be 'perfect' is boring, imperfection is something, that is rare.

Why I post something like that to you guys?
Because there are a lot of women who try to be perfect, who try to be someone that all of the people would get to like them. Because the imagination of the perfect woman is to stop being yourself, to be lovely and to show all the best sides of you. But in my opinion, I say, BE YOURSELF, if someone ask you about your opinion, don't lie and if there is something that you really hate, than just say it, instead of being quiet.
Try to enjoy your life instead of living in fear or using some excuses why you shouldn't be yourself.

My advice will be, learn to accept and love yourself, find out who you are and show some self-confidence, because every single person are unique!

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