Freitag, 12. Februar 2016

LOVE...What the hell do I know?!

So, since Valentine's Day is nearly coming, couples all over the world are from head to toe into it. But not only couples do, but there are also single lady's and gents who try their luck to find their mate or shall I say LOVE?!

Now, I actually ask myself: "WHAT IS LOVE?"
Right now, I'm sitting in my bed and write about this post, while I ask myself what love truly means or what the hell do I know about love?
I mean I do love my family and my friends, and also a lot of people that I've worked with. 
But the kind of love, like lovers telling you the truth I DON'T KNOW ANYTHING about it. 
Maybe I don't know anything about it because I don't met my 'Mister Perfect' or my 'Prince Charming' I never got this experience of being totally in love. 
I guess, I want to write this stuff because...I believe in it. I dream about the big kind of love, the completely out of control and over the top, the kind of love like: "I'd do anything for you".
Every girl and every woman do still believe in it - even when they don't want to admit it- all of them want it!
And if you don't agree with it,then you've been lying to yourself. From the time I was a little girl, sitting in my parents room and watching Disney movies while dream about the fairytale stuff that I also dream about, the love like Cinderella or Belle from the beauty and the beast. 

All of my friends were telling me that this love never exist, that love what I do imagine just appears in movies and in fairytale stories. That true love is way different!

A lot of them think I'm so naive because I try to see the good side of a person and all I think is that they all see the negative side of a person and don't give them a chance because they've got hurt so much. 

The funny thing is that,I guess, I'm the one who got hurt so much. 
The worst kind of heartbreak you can imagine. Worse than I ever thought could happen to me and I hope that no one get those experience on their first relationship, like I do. 
Betrayed, cheated on, taken advantage of and treating someone worse than ever. I'm saying this without telling the whole story.

After nearly four years, I'm over it, but still recovering. 
Still believe in true love. 
I want to have those experiences, want to feel it and want to write about my very own fairytale love. 
I believe that all of us are here because of love! Nothing but love!

People like to criticize and want to categorize everyone. They also have high expectations. It's safe for them!
The only problem is that we sort out. It's sad that people do make a big topic about gender, I mean love has no limit. No matter if you're bisexual, homosexual or heterosexual, you're not different. I mean why does it matter? It's not like you're going to die because of having another sexuality as the other do. 
Just love your life and enjoyed it to the fullest. 

No one knows what gonna happen in the next minute, hours, day or week. You don't know who you may run into, maybe it's someone who will change your life forever and does it really matter what gender they are? 
Love is something, that we can't control. 

I will wait patiently and see, I hope I find the fairytale love that I dreamed about all the time and hope to have someone who heals my heart to the fullest. 

My advice to your guys your life and love whoever you want, because life is short. 

But then again, what the hell do I know about love?

Freitag, 5. Februar 2016

Luna Years Eve

Luna Years Eve

Today, I want to share with your guys, my perfect outfit and makeup for the Luna Years Eve.
I really do love this festival, because you can spend alot of times with your family and you can also forget your worries.
The year of monkey is coming, and I'm ready.

About THIS outfit:
I really do love red and gold on Luna New Years Eve, so I show you guys how my New Years Eve outfit, look like.
I love red dresses and combine it with gold accesoires and shoes, because in my opinion for the Luna Years Eve you should wear red, because red is a symbol of luck, and it's matches the Luna Years Theme.
Gold is a perfect match and it would look lovely to the red dress. 
About the makeup, I would prefer gold, red and a little dark pink. Of course, your nails should look red or gold, and your lips HAVE TO be red.
Really, a red lipstick is an eyecatcher beside the dress, I would wear gold or black eyeliner but also use nude or gold tone when it comes to eyeshadow, since this gives you an naturally look.
I hope you guys, love this outfit and wishing you a great Luna Years Eve.