Freitag, 5. Februar 2016

Luna Years Eve

Luna Years Eve

Today, I want to share with your guys, my perfect outfit and makeup for the Luna Years Eve.
I really do love this festival, because you can spend alot of times with your family and you can also forget your worries.
The year of monkey is coming, and I'm ready.

About THIS outfit:
I really do love red and gold on Luna New Years Eve, so I show you guys how my New Years Eve outfit, look like.
I love red dresses and combine it with gold accesoires and shoes, because in my opinion for the Luna Years Eve you should wear red, because red is a symbol of luck, and it's matches the Luna Years Theme.
Gold is a perfect match and it would look lovely to the red dress. 
About the makeup, I would prefer gold, red and a little dark pink. Of course, your nails should look red or gold, and your lips HAVE TO be red.
Really, a red lipstick is an eyecatcher beside the dress, I would wear gold or black eyeliner but also use nude or gold tone when it comes to eyeshadow, since this gives you an naturally look.
I hope you guys, love this outfit and wishing you a great Luna Years Eve.

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